Iridology is the science of studying the iris of the eye to gain information regarding the present state of health of an individual's body. This is done by, observing different shades, markings and colours in the iris that register through a reflex condition via our nervous systems.

As an Iridologist I do not name disease. I do however look for tissue changes in the body, to try to determine the most chronic organs and the most compromised body system as a whole. Generally determining this, can lead to finding the underlying weak link and many of your health concerns may stem from this.

Another benefit of an Iris Analysis is in learning your constitution. This refers to your inherent strength of your body and this can reflect your ability to heal and build yourself. Inherent weaknesses of organs, glands and tissues can also be determined.

By finding out predisposed weaknesses in your body; you enable yourself to make educated decisions in relation to strengthening these weak areas. This information can be utilized to help prevent problematic health conditions that may occur in the future or that you may already be experiencing.

Iridology can also reveal deficiencies in certain minerals and vitamins in your body. In addition to this an Iris Analysis can help detect adrenal exhaustion, inflammation in the body, toxic accumulations, state of the nervous system, circulatory, immune, digestion as well as the condition of the bowels and many other major glands/organs.

When there are changes in our body tissues, normal nerve-vibrations are altered. These alterations are sent through the nervous system from connected organs to the brain. They are reflected to the optic nerve bundle that terminates in the iris and thereby registering the changes accordingly.

Quoted from Dr. Bernard Jensen: "The eye is a direct outgrow of the brain and is the only brain tissue that can be seen without surgical intervention".

After an Iris Analysis, I would discuss diet, nutrition, herbs and other natural therapies that I feel would aid and assist you to heal yourself and bring balance to your body, mind and spirit.

In realizing the responsibility and control we can have over our own health, it empowers us to live our lives with a more positive outlook and can lead us down the path to better health.


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