Health Benefits Of Tanning

Far beyond adding colour to your skin, tanning can also have a great deal of health benefits. Most dermatologists would tell you that exposing your skin to sunlight may result in serious health problems related to the skin, which can include skin cancer. While this may be true to some extend, you should be aware that sunlight can help increase vitamin D into your body systems, which can help you fight off so many diseases.

Health Benefits Of Tanning

If you care to listen, the intention of this piece is to open your eyes to understand several health benefits of tanning.Vitamin D DeficiencyIf you're lacking in vitamin D then it is possible that you're not getting enough sunlight. About 80% of the vitamin D is derived from the sun. Another means of getting vitamin D is through food, but that option is hardly effective. Studies show that lack of vitamin D in the body can lead to certain diseases including hypertension, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Vitamin D deficiency also causes rickets, which is a bone bending disease that affects young children. During tanning, Vitamin D is produced in the body when UVB rays from the sun is absorbed by a hormone and then moved to the kidney and liver to attach itself to hydrogen and oxygen, as it travels through the body.

This process the hormone goes through is what transforms it into vitamin D at the end of the day.DiabetesTanning has been linked to helping to reduce the incidence of diabetes in people across the world. Perhaps this is why the natives of Finland have the highest incidence of type 1 diabetes more than any other people in the world, since they only have access to sunlight few hours in a day. Also, researchers have discovered that children and infants given doses of vitamin D are less likely to develop type 1 diabetes later in their adult life.

This evidence shows clearly that exposure to sunlight during tanning can help fight against possible events of diabetes, or provide relief for diabetes sufferers.CancerModern research reveals that having a good amount of vitamin D in your system can help fight against certain types of cancer, which may include cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Also people who consumed vitamin D regularly or have a high level of vitamin D in their blood have lower risk of getting colon cancer, while breast cancer has been linked to the lack of vitamin D and sunlight.

In a certain study involving prostate cancer, prostate cells were found to produce a cell growth brake hormone known as calcitriol. When the cells are denied enough vitamin D to manufacture this hormone, it's like the brake line has been damaged. This can lead to the cells losing control and then become cancer.HypertensionIt is not a new knowledge in medical science that the farther a population is away from the equator the higher the blood pressure.

Tanning can help reduce your blood pressure when you do it few minutes a day, throughout the days of the week. This happens because sunlight boosts the productions of the calcitriol hormone in the body, so that the hormone can effectively fight against body enzymes that cause blood vessel constrictions that lead to high blood pressure.Even with the health benefits of tanning in the sunlight it is important that you take plenty of precautions when doing it. It won't be a bad idea at all if you ask your doctor to tell you how much sunlight tanning is safe for you. When you do it with moderation and you'll enjoy both the beauty and health benefits at the same time.


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