Effective Drug Treatments to Cure Erectile Dysfunction in Seniors

Statistics shows that senior citizens Acheter Cialis have several problems that need to be attended to. This includes malnutrition, fear, senility, boredom, non-productivity, deteriorating health, financial incapacity and isolation. Nevertheless, these problems can be narrowed down into two concerns: physical and mental health.

Sometimes, senior citizens find it too difficult to accept that they have reached the point in their life where they are not as functional as before.Cialis Their body muscles complain during cold season, their joints break and start to crack, their hair and teeth starts to diminish, their eyesight blurs, their ears fail them and their skin wrinkles. Even so there are still some who manage to become physically active and continue with their active lifestyle, yet fail on one thing - successful erection for better sexual pleasure.

Erectile dysfunction,Viagra although not confined to senior citizens alone, is a sexual dysfunction amongst men characterized by the inability of the person to develop or maintain erection of the penis upon sexual performance. It is influenced by several factors like use of anti-depressants and nicotine; neurogenic disorders like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and stroke; psychological disorders like panic disorder, personality disorders, clinical depression, schizophrenia, performance anxiety and stress; kidney failure' diabetes and multilple sclerosis; bad lifestyle habits like smoking and excessive drinking; ageing. This condition greatly affects the psyche and personality of men thus the need to find appropriate treatments for this condition to be cured.

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in many ways but the simplest and most convenient approach towards this is the use of medication like Viagra and Levitra.

Levitra is a prescriptive drug given to men who suffers from this condition. It causes blood pressure to drop which can make individuals faint, feel dizzy or experience stroke or heart attack thus doctors will never prescribe this to patients who are taking medications referred to as nitrates or recreational drugs that are called as poppers. It is best to state your real medical condition to your doctor so he can properly assess if you are fit to take this specific drug.

Viagra is another drug which can assist senior citizens with this particular problem. You can buy Viagra and take it sixty minutes before sexual activity and expect it to last for four hours. Even so, just like Levitra this should be taken with full caution because the pleasure you may experience in a few minutes may lead to your death if you start self-medicating. You should only buy Vigra upon your doctor's advice and not out of your intention and desire because these types of drugs produces several side effects that are detrimental to your health and worst of all it can even be the cause of your death.

Male who have problems with erection, although not yet considered citizens, can benefit much from these two drugs as well. You may simply consult your physician about this and have a prescription so you can purchase these drugs. Just make sure you follow the doctor's advice accordingly to avoid health problems from occurring.


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