Assisted living: a major decision

Deciding on an assisted living facility for yourself or a close connection of yours is a massively big and difficult decision, and it having to make it can be daunting in the extreme. Most likely you have no experience of such places and no idea what to expect. That makes it very difficult to come to a decisions as there is nothing with which you can makes comparisons.

It is important therefore to go to anyone you know who may have relevant experience. That can be your starting point in investigating what is available However you should not take everything you hear as necessarily being the whole truth. People are eager to provide what information they can and sometimes they exaggerate what they actually know. Also if a particular place is being recommended one has to bear in mind that reputations even when justly earned, can become out of date. In addition a place which suits one person may not suit another, as we remain individuals with our own preferences even in old age.

There is no substitute for personally visiting the places you want to consider and absolutely as many of them as you possibly can. It is only in this way that you can get affair idea of what it will be like to live there, possibly for the remainder of a lifetime. You need to observe, and to ask questions, if possible of both residents and staff.

You should look at the menu. The food on offer should be suitable for older people and include a high proportion of protein foods. Proper nutritional guidance should be followed. There should be choice and the food should be appetising. It may be a good idea to visit at mealtime if possible.

Another aspect of the life of the residents which should be scrutinised is the social and activity programme. What is available? Does it coincide with your or your relative's tastes? If not, is it something that you or they would be interested in learning more about? If it has no appeal whatsoever you may want to go on looking, as there is no point in skimping the search.

Even over and above these factors, you must look for somewhere that you feel at home. If the staff is welcoming and makes the residents feel that they are where they belong, then of all considerations, that is the most important.

You can find tons of options for elderyly and senior citizen residential homes online and can no doubt find one within driving distance of your current residence.


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